wolfenstein 3d

  unrolling loops
  c2p part I (st)
  c2p part II (st)
  avoiding c2p (st)
  interlacing (st)
  fat mapping
  3d pipeline
  portal rendering
  8bpp color mixing
  fixedpoint math
  blitter (mst/ste)
  sample replay (st)
  blitter gouraud (falc)
  blitter fading (falc)
  arbitrary mapping
  frustrum clipping etc.

  mc68000 math lib
  32 bytes sin-gen
  24 bit tga-viewer
  blitter example
  lz77 packer
  lz78 packer
  protracker replayer

12 bit truecolor C2P for the TT030 (updated to contain 2x2 version)
 demonstrates a method to perform an interlaced 12bpp truecolor c2p on
 the Atari TT. contains 320x480 (1x1) and a faster 160x100 (2x2) version
 for realtime effects. full sourcecode is also included.

 -Atari TT
 -VGA monitor


interlaced color-resolutions on the Mega ST
 run from the autofolder this small gadget installs a tsr that takes ad-
 vantage of the Mega ST's Blitter to double the vertical resolution in the
 ST color-modes using a technique known as hardware feature on the
 falcon (i.e. interlacing).
 it works on the STE and the Mega STE, as well. however, there it does
 not make much of a sense as for those machines a number of similar
 utilities, that make use of the finescroll registers present on the STE-
 shifter instead, already exist. so i recommend you to use this one on a
 Mega ST only. the source is included.

 -Mega ST (Mega STE/STE)
 -RGB monitor


overclocking the TT's FPU
 this document describes a cheap upgrade that enables you to overclock
 your TT's FPU without much of an effort (neither financial, nor craftly). it is
 very save not involving any modification of your mainboard.

 -soldering iron and screwdriver
 -an oscillator plus some short wires
 -gives you 48Mhz or more


CrY image viewer
 this little tool was finished in a hurry for alive #12. it's supposed to demonstrate
 my idea of emulating a 16bpp CrY mode on the TT as known from Atari's Jaguar
 using interlacing. standard 4-4-8 CrY images can be viewed with the attached
 utility called "cryview.ttp".
 large images will get resized to fit the emulated 320x240 pixel resolution and
 gimmicks like antialiasing, gamma readjustion and a grayscale mode have been
 included (take a look into the readme.txt on how to use them).
 it comes along with my own tga2cry conversion tool, the viewer itself, a doc
 describing the used techniques and the complete sourcecode.

 -VGA monitor


mandelbrot explorer
 as above this package has been made up in a hurry along with an article for
 alive #12 so don't expect it to be free of bugs. the goal was to optimize the
 mandelbrot iteration loop as much as possible for the 68030 resulting in a solution
 without any multiplications.
 the demonstration program let's you zoom into a rather high resolution version of
 the fractal somewhat using your mouse. however, due to the fact this is a lookup
 table based method the zooming range is a bit limited.technical documentation
 and the complete sourcecode are included as usual.

 -RGB/VGA monitor
 -CT60 compatible


BiQ v1.0 (lightweight, lossy imagecodec)
 this is my attempt at a lossy image codec that should allow you to include
 more textures, graphics and so on in your 4ktros or 96ktros etc. without being
 forced to generate them.
 the codec uses a simple haar wavelet tree decomposition and achieves compres-
 sion rates of up to 1:80. v1.0 offers support for 8bpp grayscale, 8bpp paletted
 and 24bpp truecolor images. support for a 16bpp RGB and a 16bpp CrY (jaguar)
 mode are planned for a future release. seperate size optimized 68k decoders for
 the various file types are included besides the conversion tool (tga<->biq), an
 example program and the complete source code.
 for further instrucions on using the package please refer to the readme.txt.

 -RGB/VGA monitor
 -Fastram support
 -CT60 compatible

view performance results
TT03 hires slideshow
 a little slideshow demonstrating an intelaced display mode with 1280x480 pixels,
 32 colors per scanline on the TT030.
 a 50Khz stereo sample is replayed in the background and a VU-meter is displayed
 on the screen's bottom.

 -TT030, 4+4 Mb ram
 -VGA monitor


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