wolfenstein 3d

  unrolling loops
  c2p part I (st)
  c2p part II (st)
  avoiding c2p (st)
  interlacing (st)
  fat mapping
  3d pipeline
  portal rendering
  8bpp color mixing
  fixedpoint math
  blitter (mst/ste)
  sample replay (st)
  blitter gouraud (falc)
  blitter fading (falc)
  arbitrary mapping
  frustrum clipping etc.

  mc68000 math lib
  32 bytes sin-gen
  24 bit tga-viewer
  blitter example
  lz77 packer
  lz78 packer
  protracker replayer
BiQ v1.0 performance results on the pepper image (256 x 256 pixels)

you can download the complete set of example images here.

8bpp grayscale
4.000bpp (q=0)

2.667bpp (q=33)

0.889bpp (q=66)

0.235bpp (q=99)

8bpp colormapped
8.000bpp (q=0)

4.000bpp (q=50)

1.600bpp (q=75)

0.615bpp (q=99)

24bpp RGB truecolor
4.000bpp (q=0)

2.667bpp (q=33)

0.800bpp (q=66)

0.195bpp (q=99)

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