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  unrolling loops
  c2p part I (st)
  c2p part II (st)
  avoiding c2p (st)
  interlacing (st)
  fat mapping
  3d pipeline
  portal rendering
  8bpp color mixing
  fixedpoint math
  blitter (mst/ste)
  sample replay (st)
  blitter gouraud (falc)
  blitter fading (falc)
  arbitrary mapping
  frustrum clipping etc.

  mc68000 math lib
  32 bytes sin-gen
  24 bit tga-viewer
  blitter example
  lz77 packer
  lz78 packer
  protracker replayer

 dec 31th, 2014

after six years of absence i uploaded a little demo that implements a 320x480x12bpp truecolor c2p on the TT030. get it here.

 dec 26th, 2008

this year's end is close so i decided to take the chance to release a little hires slideshow for the TT030. it shows images of 1280 x 480 pixels at 32 colors per scanline in an interlaced mode while a 50Khz stereo sample is replayed in the background. get it here.

 may 7th, 2007

oh dear, it's been quite a while and alas, ATARI activities around here are rather low at the moment to be honest. we finally managed to kick out a little invitation intro for this year's outline. the thing has been finished in quite a hurry, so don't expect it to be flawless by any means. be sure grab the intro and the full sourcecode (in case of interesed) right here.

 march 9th, 2006

today i released v1.0 of my lossy image codec called "BiQ". go find out more about it here.

 march 1st, 2006

as promised on the dhs coding board i released lz78 as an alternative to our previous packer, lz77.

 january 1st, 2006

as sort of a new year's gift i'm presenting you the TT conversion of our EIL III entry, the beams demo. i basically ported the demo to prove the TT's strength as compared to the standard falcon - despite requiring an additional c2p pass and lacking the fast blitter gouraud the demo still runs remarkably faster, especially the lipsync part. it seems the 32Mhz and the full 32bit bus do the job here - and of course to release something for an underrated and underfed platform ;).
extra special thanks to DMA SC for doing an excellent job on the MP2->MOD conversion of the soundtrack and Lance for coding his fast and HiFi mod replayer (which is, however, not yet free of bugs so don't wonder about notes missing, occasionally).

 december 29th, 2005

minor site updade: i just added the stuff i wrote for alive #12.

 december 25th, 2005

here's a little update. today i released an optimized version of my TT030 fix for lance's mod replayer, i also tidied up the sourcecode a bit.

merry christmas, btw.

 november 23rd, 2005

today i added another article about efficient frustrum culling, 2d clipping and related topics, originally written for alive #11.

 november 19th, 2005

it is done! after a slow development period of over 5 years, i released a first playable version of wolf3d along with alive issue #11. you can download version v0.8 alpha here but please read the manual and the bugtracker before bombing me with unnecessary bug reports and/or questions.
now go and enjoy the stuff...

v0.8 alpha

 august 16th, 2005

a little update this time: i thought i'd present my method of performing tiled texturemapping of arbitrarily sized bitmaps in 5 instructions per pixel. it's based upon an idea i've made up last year or something but i thought one might be interested, escpecially in the days of the 3rd run of CT60s *a little hint to 'lazy' democoders* ;).

i'd like to let you know that the work on wolf3d is progressing again also.

 july 22nd, 2005

in order to give a little lifesign i updated the wolf3d project page so you should now be able to download the whole collection of older versions. i'm sort of busy with my studies atm. but i hope i'll be able to carry on with wolf3d in late august.

 june 30th, 2005

after a bit of delay i released an updated version of my 68k math library which now provides new macros called "dcfix"/"fequ" for comfortably defining fixedpoint values and constants using a scientific notation.

 may 19th, 2005

thanks to gwEm another bug in lz77 could be found. so i've released lz77 v1.3, a hopefully final fix this time. thank you gwEm for helping me find the bug and compiling this with pure c (meaning a smaller + faster executeable).

 may 2nd, 2005

after a quite long delay i finally released wolf3d v0.5 beta. new features include a high detail mode for faster machines (strike the asterisk key to toggle), a 4 channel digisound engine and animated enemies!. please refer to the readme file for further information.

 april 4th, 2005

a finally bugfixed version of lz77 is now available. thanks ultra/cream for testing the stuff.

 april 3rd, 2005

i have just released my 2k3 TT030 fix to lance's protracker replay routine. perhaps this is useful to someone.

 march 30th, 2005

believe it or not but our long long delayed falcon demo beams has finally been released.

 january 15th, 2005

today i've added a short article describing how to let the blitter accelerate truecolor fadings.

 september 24th, 2004

i added a little speed optimization to my math library's fsqrt macro. despite using a divu.w inside its innerloop it gets much quicker than the old version since it never takes more than 32 iterations to compute the squareroot regardless of the given number's size where as the old version could consume up to 2^15 iterations. so this gives an obvious speed gain dealing with larger numbers.

 july 23rd, 2004

i've updated my wolf3d project to v0.4 beta. this time i've added static objects besides some minor optical snippets. read more on the wolf3d page

 may 30th, 2004

hmm....kind of silent around here atm. i hope i'll be able to keep it up in the future. nevertheless i updated my 8bpp color mixing article and thanks to ultra/cream a bug in my lz77 packer could be revealed. we finally found the reason for it to not depack correctly in some cases, too so it's only a matter of dedicating some leisure time for fixing it.

 february 28th, 2004

man! that's been a long pause but i have some good news:

neither our beams demo nor my wolf3d project is dead and i'm planning to release 'something' in the near future, so be prepared :). additionally i've put together a little lz77 cruncher you can use in your demo if you want (it outperformes many traditional packers when it comes to decoding speed so i'd really recommend this tool for animation and media stuff).

 february 27th, 2003

finished and uploaded the blitter example source, finally.

 february 24th, 2003

added a new arcticle about "hardware accelerated" gouraud shading using the blitter.

 december 26th, 2002

merry xmas to all of you! - this time i fixed a tiny inaccuracy bug in the fsin macro (fcos and ftan are based on this one, too) of my math library. you can view the new relative error results here.

 december 23rd, 2002

long pause...this time i fixed and uploaded my fixed point math library. a high precision version for 68020s or newer processors will hopefully be available in the future.

 november 28th, 2002

uploaded a crappy new bytetro-screen coded during the paracon 4 party. added a guestbook.

 november 6th, 2002

finished and uploaded a doc describing a hack to overclock the TT's FPU.

 november 5th, 2002

uploaded 24bit tga-viewer (including source).

 november 1st, 2002

finished and uploaded.

 october 26/27th, 2002

returned from my holidays. i am finishing the last two tutorials, right now.

 october 18th, 2002

finished some more tutorials. i guess, it'll be finished soon so i can upload the whole stuff. tomorrow i am gonna take a little vacation in italy for one week.

 july 27th, 2002

started this page with a new layout. i tried to add as much of my old and new stuff as i could find. a wolfenstein 3d development-section can now be found, anyway. i hope to be able to keep this page updated in the future although i hate maintaining web sites :).

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