wolfenstein 3d

  unrolling loops
  c2p part I (st)
  c2p part II (st)
  avoiding c2p (st)
  interlacing (st)
  fat mapping
  3d pipeline
  portal rendering
  8bpp color mixing
  fixedpoint math
  blitter (mst/ste)
  sample replay (st)
  blitter gouraud (falc)
  blitter fading (falc)
  arbitrary mapping
  frustrum clipping etc.

  mc68000 math lib
  32 bytes sin-gen
  24 bit tga-viewer
  blitter example
  lz77 packer
  lz78 packer
  protracker replayer
wolfenstein 3d v0.8 alpha - bugtracker

o CT60 incompatibility: this WILL NOT be fixed, you still have the possibility
  to switch back into 030 mode or to play the SDL version!

o MiNT/MagX and HuSHI incompatibility: this is caused by the system's Timer C
  being shut down during the whole game causing troubles when accessing the
  harddisk. for now you need to run Wolfenstein 3D under SingleTOS using
  HDDriver or ICD Tools, sorry.
  calling the GEM-eventtimer as suggested by mr. pink / RG unfortunately could
  not solve this issue yet.

o Bonus items dropped by killed actors will sometimes disappear at ceratin
  facings and maybe not be able to be picked up. i know what this bug is caused
  by, but it would take some reorganization in the rendering engine to fix it.

o Paranoid of Paradox reported problems when trying to run wolf3d on his MegaSTE
  (4MB RAM) with NVDI loaded. this is likely due to the memory segmentation issue
  caused to the GEMDOS' yet strange memory management behaviour by NVDI.

o The game refuses to load the graphic resource object with ID 0x00bc claiming
  not enough memory is left to be allocated. i still need to find out why. atm.
  this prevents you from playing some scenarios, sorry.

o Running wolf3d in high detail mode with a full sized window will sometimes
  cause clipping errors when getting very close to walls. I know the reason
  for this bug but i had been too lazy to fix it this time, sorry.

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