The Void's Last Stand is a German progressive band from Aachen in their mid-twenties. It was founded by Jonas Wingens (vocals, guitar), Ray Dratwa (drums) and Geoffrey Blaeske (guitar) in the summer of 2007. Wingens and Blaeske played together in the experimental rock band The Void (2005 – 2007). This band toured a lot and recorded several demo-songs, yet due to the lack of proper musicians they finally had to split up.

Shortly after the end of The Void the songwriter-duo Wingens/Blaeske decided to start a new progressive band with a befriended drummer: Ray Dratwa. Having had to change and substitute musicians in The Void innumerable times Wingens and Blaeske thought they would never meet someone who is into their kind of music and also comes to grips with the way they work and create music. But after they had the chance to jam with Dratwa, they decided to have a shot at it for the last time. So The Void's last Stand was born. The following months were spent with songwriting, rehearsals, demo-recordings, and the apparently endless search for a proper bass player. The three of them had to wait until February 2009 to finally find Rachid Touzani who seems to be the right guy. The band's debut album, “A Sun by Rising Set“, was recorded during the Summer of 2009 and eventually released in early September. Although they are still urgently searching for an organist, they are proud of their intricate and demanding compositions as well as of finally being a complete band again.

The Void's Last Stand signed a record-deal with Malesch Records/Long Hair Music in November 2009. The band is currently working on their second album which is planned to be released in 2010. Touring for a “A Sun by Rising Set“ they performed with Damo Suzuki, Mani Neumeier's Gurumaniax, Ted Milton's Blurt and Electric Orange.

Eventually The Void's Last Stand publish their second album in November 2011. The concept album Rakash is about to be released as Vinyl Edition in early 2012.